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„Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.“ (Abraham Lincoln)

Tension, stress, low self-esteem, fear and other negative energies are joy-killers. Joy plays a huge part in what makes high performers successful. People with more positive emotions have more satisfying marriages, make more money and have better health. How to change non-constructive energies into high energy and high performance? Learn more about the Diamond Strategies for physical, mental and financial self-mastery.

As a Healer, Mental and Spiritual Coach I’m here to demystify spirituality and teach you how to use universal laws and lifeforce as a practical, down-to-earth tool to make your life better, healthier, more comfortable and prosperous.

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The top 7 energy killers

1. Non-constructive thoughts & emotions
2. Unconscious patterns, beliefs, concepts
3. Unhealthy lifestyle & physical pain
4. Unhealthy diet
5. Congested energy body
6. Excessive/wrong energy work & meditation
7. Insufficient/wrong bodywork

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What are the benefits of self mastery?

Gain self esteem I Improve concentration and mental focus I Remove addictions I Improve self-image I Increase self-worth I Gain self-confidence I Become more decisive I Accept responsibility I Remove limiting beliefs I Improve concentration and mental focus I Change unwanted habits & behaviours I Clear negative self-talk I Increase self motivation I Find purpose and meaning I Improve financial situation & prosperity I Improve physical fitness and performance…

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Energy & Mental Coaching

You keep getting thrown back by the same emotions, thoughts, patterns and beliefs? Let's get rid of them.

Remote Healing for Physical Body

You want your body recover faster from injuries, chronic ailments or acute health issues? Reduce pain and recovery time by up to 50 % or more.

Self-Healing Techniques

Learn some of the fastest, most powerful secret ancient techniques to maintain, energize and improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

Business Healing / Prosperity

Your business is also an energetic entity with energy centers and consciousness. Find and remove the blockages for more success, prosperity and abundance.