Snezana Galijas is a Healer, Self Mastery Coach and Spiritual Teacher. She’s an author, producer, publisher and entrepreneur, owner and founder of multiple businesses and brands, such as Diamond Strategies for physical, mental and financial self-mastery. She’s inspiring people all over the world with her down-to-earth, practical spirituality, remote healings and coachings on abundance and prosperity.

Her mission is to help people gain trust and self-confidence in the energetic and spiritual world as a tool to make their and other peoples’ lives better, to evolve faster and leave footprints.

Born in former Yugoslavia her parents moved to Germany when she was as a baby at a time when guest workers from Eastern countries were treated with hostility. At the age of 7 she was heavily insulted by her best friend’s grandmother which left her traumatized for many decades. She experienced bullying and being beaten up by other children and teenagers. Until the age of 50 she felt rootless with a sense of belonging nowhere.

She had dedicated her life to raising 3 children and became a single mom while building and running her own marketing business. A fundamental, life-transforming spiritual awakening brought her to god and the spiritual world. She became clairsentient and gained personal knowledge about the energetic body, chakras and meridians. She was also given a challenging amount of energy and healing abilities. Following a period of serious disease she decided to let go of old beliefs and follow her new mission. She downsized her marketing and PR business and dedicated herself to the mission to heal. Shortly after, she was introduced to Pranic Healing and her Spiritual Teacher Choa Kok Sui and learnt all available Pranic Healing techniques from international Pranic Healing Teachers, including Spiritual Business Management, Pranic Feng Shui, Kriya Shakti ( manifestation techniques) and the teachings of Arhatic Yoga.

She now combines intuitive and energetic, ancient techniques such as Pranic Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Russian Self-Healing Techniques, Business Healing and Mental Coaching to help people achieve physical, mental, emotional and financial self-mastery. As a Meditation and Yoga and Qigong Instructor she teaches people how to gain self mastery in physical and mental health. She’s among the top German instructors for Medical Dayan Qigong, owner of the largest German speaking Dayan Qigong blog („Die Wildgans Qigong“) and publisher of the first Dayan Qigong Learning DVD on the German market.

Being a rational business person for almost 30 years she has the ability to bring across and demystify spirituality and energy work to her clients. She works with clients across the globe by remote healings and ZOOM coaching sessions. Her clients are (professional) athletes (where she helps reduce recovery time from injuries and operations of +50 %); high-performers; managers and business owners for physical ailments and mental issues, like traumas, fears, etc. and energetic/spiritual business coaching. She also helps people achieve financial freedom by finding a fullfilling work and getting rid of obstructive beliefs.

Born in a working class family she has overcome periods of financial struggle as a single mom and has learnt to reinvent herself, to stand up with self-confidence and follow her goals with discipline, integrity, tolerance, loving kindness and joy. She is enthusiastic about helping people who seek to make a difference to their and other peoples’ lives and who want to utilize the power of life force for a higher purpose. She believes that (financial) freedom, spirituality, good health, study, good relationship and family life are the key factors to success and life purpose fulfillment.


Snezana’s vita and expertise

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