10 min. full Workout

Learn how to boost your energy in 10 minutes. 

Healthy on all levels

Improve your physical, emotional and mental health.

Get a complete maintenance workout for the whole body.

Benefit from healing on all levels: physical, spiritual, energetic

Always flexible

Do your routine anywhere: in the hotel room, at the beach, on the highway parking slot, in the mountains. Or even in the train.

Proven ancient techniques

Learn ancient old techniques that provide your energetic body and aura with cleansing and energising simultaneously.

Physical excercise

Enhance your physical workout by adding this 10 minute routine. Get better results on all levels.

Mental stamina

Strengthen your mental stamina and peaceful mind before and during competition.

Get an impression of how it works

"Learn one of the most powerful techniques for self-healing, fast regeneration and health maintenance."
Snezana Galijas
Energy Coach, Mental Coach, Qigong Coach

Savour Your Next Holiday

"We spent Christmas and New Year's Eve at a wedding with a lot of family members, who wanted a hug. I managed to stay healthy although many of them were really sick. Obviously my immun system stays strong with my Dayan Qigong practise. Even with my migraine it helps, and of course when I'm tired and stressed out."
Carola F.
Business Coach